Last updated 25/07/2013


As part of this facilitation in May 2013, the Commission hosted a leaders forum to address the question: ‘How can we co-create a national leadership pathway?’ Twelve leaders in their field attended (half providers, half consumers). A report on the forum was compiled by its facilitator, and can be viewed here.

While supporting the concept behind the forum participants overall preferred not to commit to another full day forum but wished to keep contact in other ways. One way to do this is to set up an e mail interest group and we invite you to become part of this.

The purpose of the interest group is to network about leadership by sharing material and resources and innovative leadership activities people are aware of. The Commission is happy to facilitate contact between members of the interest group and keep people linked. We could also have a regular teleconference to discuss issues people want to raise.

Please complete the attached form if you wish to be a member of this interest group. Download the form here.


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