Posted 23rd Jun 2014 in Partners in Care

The Health Quality & Safety Commission's consumer engagement team held two Show and Tell symposia in Auckland and Christchurch on 16 and 18 June 2014.

Top - Nick and Ruth, Bottom - all participants.Approximately 300 people from across the health and disability sector attended the two events, which were planned as a result of the successful national symposium in Wellington in April.

The symposia included a two-hour workshop with Dr Lynne Maher and Hilary Boyd who explained how co-design works and demonstrated some of the tools used in co-design.

Dr Chris Walsh, senior advisor consumer engagement at the Commission said the feedback had been overwhelmingly positive.

"Attendees provided great feedback, with most people saying they learnt a lot about how co-design can be implemented in health and disability services," said Dr Walsh.

Participants said one of the most popular and informative presentations was from Nick White (patient) and Ruth Wickens (radiotherapist nurse) who showed how they worked together to capture and understand the experience for patients who used a radiotherapy mask during treatment.

"People really ‘got it’ and could see how working in partnership has made a difference to patients with head and neck cancer receiving radiotherapy," says Dr Walsh.

"As a result of their partnership and desire to make things better for patients they have received funding to make a video so patients and staff can better understand and prepare for this type of radiotherapy."

Videos and presentations from the Wellington Show and Tell will be available on the Commission website this week.