Posted 28th Aug 2013 in Partners in Care

The Commission is pleased to announce it will deliver an eight month programme for consumers and providers to learn about experience based design (EBD).

Partners in Care is the Commission's consumer engagement programme which is now in its second year. It seeks to improve consumer participation across the sector and develop leadership capability for consumer and providers. This EBD approach integrates well with the Partners in Care programme as it takes a co-design approach and requires that participants work in pairs; one member being a patient/consumer/family/whānau and the other to be a provider (clinician/manager).

The programme is based on the UK National Health Service EBD programme and will be facilitated by Dr Lynne Maher, Director of Innovation, Ko Awatea. Lynne is now working and living in New Zealand and we are delighted that she has agreed to deliver another programme for the Commission.

Participants will learn about capturing experiences in the form of narratives (or stories) and then understanding and making improvements through the experience based design approach. Tools and techniques to capture, understand, improve and measure the impact of experience will be explored and participants will undertake a project using these tools.

Findings from the review of last year’s programme are very encouraging. Participants who undertook the programme reported:

  • a noticeable shift in their view of EBD from being something that is important to something that is essential for service delivery improvement
  • excellent feedback about the opportunity to apply the EBD tools
  • great achievements around gaining new knowledge, first time experience of working with consumers, success of overcoming challenges and personal development opportunities.

Importantly, despite the hard work and challenges they had, all participants said they would recommend the EBD approach and the Partners in Care programme to others. Examples of some of the projects undertaken can be viewed here. Further examples from the King's Fund can also be found on their website.

To be considered for this exciting programme you will need to work in pairs (ie. if you are a provider you will need to find a consumer and vice versa). Your team mate needs to be willing to commit to the programme for eight months too. We encourage you to find experience based consumers – people who have lived experience of clinical care. When you have found your team mate you will need to decide on a project that you can do together. We welcome applications from across all areas of health and disability service delivery.

Time commitment

  • Up to half a day during work hours per week (but remember the project will be relevant to your area of work) and up to half a day of your own time per week  from October 2013- May 2014
  • attendance at a one day introductory workshop in Auckland or Wellington
  • Eight one hour tutorials via internet over a period of eight months (these will be at 8.00am)

Technical requirements

  • access to a computer and internet for on line tutorial
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