Last updated 17/07/2013

Our Vision              

New Zealand will have a sustainable, world-class, patient-centred health care and disability support system, which will attract and retain its workforce through its commitment to continually improve health quality, and deliver equitable and sustainable care.

Our Mission

To work with everyone to ensure New Zealand has the highest quality health care. To achieve this mission, we will simultaneously pursue the Triple Aim of:

  • improved quality, safety and experience of care
  • improved health and equity for all populations
  • best value for public health system resources.

Our Values


By having the patient/consumer at the heart of everything we do, we support individual and family/whanau participation and decision-making about health and disability services at every level.


By basing our programmes and initiatives on strong evidence, and evaluating their effectiveness to inform our priorities, we demonstrate the value of quality improvement in reducing harm and costs.


By working alongside stakeholders we improve health quality and safety. We value the views of others and respect diversity of culture and opinion.

Open and transparent

We encourage sharing ideas and knowledge. We communicate in clear language for all to understand. We encourage sharing of information in a just culture, so we can identify best practice, learn from mistakes and make health and disability services better and safer.


By showing strong leadership we set the direction for health quality and safety in New Zealand, and encourage innovation and change to achieve our shared vision.